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When you book a stay at Marstal Camping, the full amount of the rent is charged immediately upon booking. In connection with the order, a confirmation of the stay is sent via e-mail. Therefore, remember to check that the confirmation has not ended up in your spam filter under unwanted emails.

It is your responsibility that what is written in the confirmation is correct. If there are errors or omissions in the confirmation sent, we must be informed of this by email as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after the booking.

Please note that once a stay has begun, the booked period is binding, and no refunds will be given on departure before the end of the tenancy.

We draw your attention to the fact that the Consumer Contracts Act contains a special exception provision § 18 subsection 2 no. 12 which states that you, as a consumer, are not entitled to a 14-day right of withdrawal when entering into agreements on accommodation. You are therefore not covered by the 14-day right of cancellation when you book a stay with Marstal Camping.

Changes to the order can be made up to 30 days before arrival against the guest paying any additional price, as well as an administration fee of DKK 200. Changes are understood to mean adjustments in the duration of the stay, number of guests, and the like. If possible, a stay can be moved (once) to another time within the same season. Any price differences will not be refunded. Please note that it is not possible to transfer or resell your stay to others.

Force Majeure

If a rental agreement cannot be implemented as a result of force majeure, the lessor is entitled to cancel the rental agreement without refund of the amount paid. However, the landlord undertakes to notify the tenant of this as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy

Marstal Camping understands and respects the importance of privacy on the Internet. We never pass on information about you to third parties unless it is necessary to implement a transaction. We therefore do not pass on your name, address, e-mail address, credit card or personal data to third parties without your prior permission.

Cancellation protection

It is possible to buy cancellation protection at Marstal Camping. This one cost DKK 295. per booked unit and must be ordered at the same time as the stay, it cannot be purchased later. Without cancellation protection, there will be no refund of the amount paid, regardless of when or why the cancellation is made. We therefore recommend that all our guests purchase cancellation protection.

The cancellation protection covers the full price of the stay (minus the price for the protection, as well as any administration fee) in the cases where the stay is made impossible or made significantly more difficult:

- As a result of the tenant or the tenant's next of kin and parents-in-law/children-in-law passing away, being affected by an acute illness or severe injury requiring hospitalization, doctor-prescribed bed rest or the like that can be equated with this.

The cancellation protection covers up to 12.00 the day before the start of the tenancy. The amount will be refunded when sufficient documentation for the actual situation has been received via e-mail at Marstal Camping. Sufficient documentation means a copy of a doctor's certificate, hospitalization documentation or equivalent.

In case of cancellation of a stay that is not due to illness, injury or death, an administration fee of DKK 500 is added. which is not refundable. The following applies:

- Up to 30 days before the start of the tenancy, the full amount minus the fee and the protection fee is refunded.

- Up to 14 days from the start of the tenancy, 50% of the price of the stay is refunded minus the fee and the protection price.

- Cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the tenancy does not result in a refund.

In and out Check

The following applies to cabins:

- Check in between 15.00 and 17.00 (later arrival is possible by prior agreement)

- Check out no later than 10.00 on the day of departure (for later departures, a fee corresponding to an extra night's rent will be charged).

The following applies to camping units:

- Check in from 12.00 (Arrival outside opening hours, find the booked unit and contact reception when it opens)

- Check out no later than 11.00

General guidelines:

Smoking (also applies to e-cigarettes and the like) in cabins and indoor common areas is strictly prohibited and entails a cleaning fee of DKK 3,000.

Open fires on the site are prohibited.

The square is a family square, and it is not allowed to play loud music from sound boxes or similar on the square at any time. There must be complete calm on the square etc. at 23.00-07.00

Deviation from guidelines may result in immediate expulsion.

Electric cars can be charged on the campsite area after prior agreement with the camp manager, and payment for this is charged separately and according to current kWh prices.

Rental conditions for cabins:

The camping cabin may only be occupied by the number of people it is intended for. The cabins are family cabins and may not be used by groups for parties etc. The tenant must be at least 21 years old and live in the cabin during the entire stay. As a tenant, you are responsible for the rented property and liable for damages caused to the cabin or furniture. This also applies to damage caused by your guests in the cabin. Damages must be reported to the Camp Manager immediately and at the latest before departure for settlement purposes.

The keys to our cabins are system keys, if a key is lost, we therefore charge a replacement price of DKK 300.

The tenant must bring bed linen and towels. There is a start-up kit consisting of one tea towel, washing-up liquid, dish sponge, dishcloth and one toilet roll, consumption beyond this is the responsibility of the tenant.

Note, if bed linen is not used, a fee of DKK 600 per sleeping place for washing and cleaning.

It is possible to rent bed linen, towels, and extra tea towels, which must be ordered no later than 8 days before arrival. Tea towel, as well as rented linen, towel, cot etc. returned at the reception upon departure.

Final cleaning is mandatory and is carried out by the campsite staff. The final cleaning does not exempt the tenant from cleaning up in and around the cabin. Both the camping cabin and the furniture must be left on departure in the same condition as it was received. Dishes and food must not be left behind and all household waste, bottles etc. must be delivered in the containers at the reception. Bulky rubbish is not accepted. Duvets, pillows, crockery, chairs, tables, etc. placed in the same way received on arrival. If the oven has been in use during the stay, it is the tenant's responsibility to clean it. The electric radiators are switched off before departure.

If the above is not complied with, the lessor reserves the right to charge an additional fee of NOK 500 per started hour for cleaning etc.

The landlord assumes no responsibility in connection with the possible occurrence of pests, insects (ants, earwigs, wasps) etc. in or near the camping cabin. The landlord assumes no responsibility for sudden damage, installation failure and breakage, clogged drains etc., but will ensure that the damage is rectified as soon as possible after notification.

Complaints must be made as soon as possible and no later than two hours after arrival. Complaints that arise later (e.g. on the day of departure) are not recognized. In these cases, the tenant cannot claim damages, price reduction or repayment of parts of the rent.

The landlord reserves the right to move the tenant to another cabin of the same type if the need arises.

Noise nuisance from construction, neighbors, traffic, or the like cannot be held the landlord responsible.

For caravans, tents etc. the following applies:

The cart must be mobile and approved for driving on the road. The cart must be in a clean condition and must not bear signs of non-compliance. Caravans, tents etc. must always be placed with min. 3 meters apart on the unit sites.

The unit pitches are left free of rubbish, tent pegs etc. All waste is handed over in the containers set up at the reception. Bulky rubbish such as camping chairs, tarpaulins etc. is not accepted and must be handed in by the tenant himself at the recycling station.

The camping regulations and the applicable rules of order therein must be observed, and the instructions of the Camp Manager must be followed.

Any disagreement between landlord and tenant is settled according to the general rules of Danish law. Questions can only be raised at the court in Svendborg (the campsite's court district), which has been adopted as the venue.

All prices are stated in DKK incl. VAT. We reserve the right to increase VAT


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