Campsite Rules applying to Marstal Campsite.

The rules are displayed at the service building/reception. Or (in Danish) at this site: hjemmeside.

In order for everyone to have a great stay at our campsite, there are a few simple rules of conduct which we ask you to observe.

Please be quiet at night between 11pm and 07am in the morning.

No motor traffic between 10 pm and 7 am. The barrier will be closed up.

Shouting or other noisy conduct such as loud music is not allowed.

We wish to be as environment-friendly as possible so we ask you to economise with water and power and please reduce all car driving on the site to a minimum.

Safety on the site:

For safety reasons the required space of 3 metres between caravans/campers must be observed.

For security reasons, visitors are asked to report at the reception or drop a note stating their numbers and who they will be seeing so that in an emergency it will be possible to quickly create an overview of who is on the site.

The speed limit of 10 km/h must be observed.

Visitors are requested to park outside the campsite.

Dogs on the site.

Please observe that no walking of dogs is permitted on the site. Right outside the site is a fine little forest where your dog will love to be walked.


Please note that smoking is not allowed in service buildings, common tents, common rooms and in the toilets or in any of the cabins.

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